DENISE and the fairies in the forest, made by Leon

DENISE and the fairies in the forest

there once was a blond girl from sweden called denise she somethimes dyed her hair black 

she lived in a forest close to uppsala

wich is one of the biggest cities in sweden

but then

one night

denise was home alone
she phoned up frida and she brought a friend with weed 

a friend indeed

they smoked all night long

then denise wanted to run in the woods

not knowing that she was far off from the weed

she went into the forest

she could hear frida searching for her

but then she saw something moving in the bushes

she followed it

and she saw

a bunch of fairies

they wanted to grant all denise her wishes

denise became fucking rich 

and lived happily after all with all her friends

Visst var den fin? Hahah :')
Leon är duktig på sånt där han.


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