I can hear the bells

Can't 'cha feel my heartbeat keeping perfect time?
And all because he...

Touched me
He looked at me and stared, yes he
Bumped me
My heart was unprepared when he
Tapped me
And knocked me off my feet
One little touch
Now my life's complete 'cause when he

Nudged me
Love put me in a fix, yes it
Hit me
Just like a ton of bricks, yes my
Heart burst
Now i know what life's about
One little touch
And love's knocked me out and...

I can hear the bells
My head is spinning
I can hear the bells
Something's beginning

Everybody says
That a girl who looks like me
Can't win his love
Well, just wait and see...


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Postat av: Julia

Åh, jag kollar också på hairspray! :D

Blev helt kär i den låten!

2010-06-13 @ 22:58:58
URL: http://jkjettselberg.blogg.se/

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